Land and Sea, Book 4

What happens when fate intertwines shifters from land and sea?


Matteo Garras wants to be left alone. Most people take the hint. Apparently, Charlie Marsh isn’t most people. From the moment the alpha—who smells like sunshine—sits down next to Matteo at the local shifter bar, Matteo’s world tilts on its axis, making him want a future he didn’t think he could have, one he doesn’t think he deserves.

Charlie has always had a thing for grumpy cats, so his instant attraction to Matteo isn’t a surprise, but the intensity of his feelings and his possessive desire to protect the brooding omega are. The more Charlie gets to know Matteo, the more he realizes they have in common, including scars that are more than skin deep.

When pain from Matteo’s past tries to make him push Charlie away, fate pulls them back to each other, binding them together forever and giving Charlie the chance to show Matteo he deserves everything he’s ever dreamed of having.

Charlie and the Panther is the fourth and final book in the Land and Sea Shifter MPREG series featuring a grumpy panther with a sweet tooth, a sunshiny manatee with a heart of gold, and an accidental claiming.