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When I volunteered to march in the Chicago Pride parade handing out flyers for Drag Queen Story Hour, I thought it would be fun and a good way to spend the day shirtless, getting some sun. I never imagined I’d meet the man of my dreams in the crowd, but there he was. The flash of connection between us was definitely real, but how will I be able to find him again?


After years of traveling, my friends decided the best way for me to get back into the groove of city living was to go with them to them to the Pride parade. Not a fan of crowds, I was less than convinced until a guy shoved a little neon green flyer into my hand and my heart recognized him as mine. Can you meet your soul mate in a second?

Now I just have to track him down at something called Drag Queen Story Hour and find out if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.

Story Hour is a 16,000-word standalone short featuring a sexy, shirtless librarian, an out-of-touch engineer trying to find his feet again, a hot summer storm, and the swooniest epilogue ever! 

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