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Life is tricky…especially with a hidden identity.

In a word, Brody’s life is complicated. He has enough secrets—and enough reasons to keep them—to fill the back of his Volvo station wagon. But something about the marine biology nerd who works at the smoothie shop has the things he’s kept hidden begging to be set free.

Phin has never been one for complications, which is why he’s always avoided relationships. Hookups? Yes. Relationships? Definitely not. So why, after striking up an unlikely friendship with Brody, can Phin not seem to get the hot surfer with the pink surfboard out of his head?

When circumstances force Brody and Phin together, will Brody’s new feelings be enough to convince Phin to build a relationship with him, or will Brody have to share parts of his past and present that no one else knows about to keep his man?

The Hidden Door is the final full-length novel in the Open Doors series featuring a marine biologist who loves to teach, a SoCal surfer with a hidden identity, and an unlikely friendship forged over a shared love of tide pools, tacos, and vinyl records.