Open Doors, Book 2

The grump...

Fletcher Morgan doesn’t like a single thing about Archer Waverly—not his pretty face, his wicked wit, or his perfect body. He especially hates the way Archer flirts with anyone and everyone. Everything about Archer reminds Fletcher of someone from his past he would much rather forget.


The flirt...

Archer thought Fletcher could be the silver fox of his dreams…until Fletcher opened his mouth and told Archer exactly how he felt about him. Now Archer is more than happy to rile Fletcher up and accept the consequences. Sparks fly every time they see each other proving hate is as potent as lust and enemies with benefits just might be hotter than friends with benefits.


The fireworks...

When an unfortunate incident involving Archer’s aging drag queen housemate brings Archer and Fletcher together--in more ways than one--they realize there might be more to the other than meets the eye. Maybe there really is a thin line between love and hate.


Revolving Door is the second full-length novel in the Open Doors series featuring a surly silver fox surf shop owner who refuses to fall in love again, a (mostly) reformed flirt who has never been in love, and a fabulous aging drag queen who has a penchant for platforms and matchmaking.